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Do you like Terry Pratchett, Tom Holt, Jaspar Fforde or Douglas Adams?

Bob Blackman - that's me - is a new name in humorous sci-fi fantasy, lo-fi garage engine punk.

In fact, I might be the only name in .... well, let's just call it funtasy.  


This site features my high-octane works of imagination, fantasy and mech-anarchy.

Et in Anarchadia Ego

If you are looking for some light-hearted imaginative entertainment, feel welcome to have a browse. Even if you're not, come right on in - you might know someone else who would enjoy my stuff, maybe even buy them a present they'd really like (he added hopefully).

There are sample chapters for each book so you can try before you buy,links to Amazon and downloadable One Page Books to introduce you to interactive print on demand.

And then there are the additional features such as glossaries of Anarchadian terms, tests to see if you can spot gremlins, background info on Nick Hob, Wormton and Anarchadia itself and artwork.


The Horsepower Whisperer and The Wormton Lamb are already available on Amazon and more books will be coming out dreckly ( a good Cornish word).

I am also the man with two blogs. There’s the Anarchadia book blog for the inky-fingered arty-farty and my Engine Punk blog for the guitar-wielding gear-heads amongst us.

In Association with Amazon.co.uk
In Association with Amazon.co.uk

For example on this page is a picture of a character from The Horsepower Whisperer - Julian, the Anarchadian Fruit Bat Fox.

Anarchadia revealed.
Engine Punk - the blog.